Our Mission

We strive for better roads and bikelanes in municipalities. To achieve this goal we have been making everyday work easier in building yards and building authorities.

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The team of vialytics stands on a grassland in a V form looking in the air for a drone photo

Our founders

"As a newly minted dad, I work a lot from home. We offer our employees the same freedom."
Ein Porträt von dem Gründer Achim Hoth
Achim Hoth
"With vialytics, we create real impact. I want to help our partner municipalities on their way to more sustainability."
Ein Porträt von dem Gründer Danilo Jovicic-Albrecht
Danilo Jovicic-Albrecht
"We are living our dream with vialytics and want everyone on the team to have the best time of their lives."
Ein Porträt von dem Gründer Patrick Glaser
Patrick Glaser

What drives us

What happened so far



Cities and municipalities are facing an enormous shortage of skilled workers. At the same time, the obligation to ensure road safety is in the hands of the municipalities. In discussions with building authorities and building yards, we realize how laborious and manual this process is in many places. In practice, there is often no time for road safety. The idea for an intelligent management system is born.



To decrease the high cost and time of a road condition assessment, the vialytics team develops an artificial intelligence that objectively, quickly and accurately analyzes the asphalt surface. In the vialytics web system, the collected data is used for efficient measurement planning.


Pioneers and investors

The number of cities and municipalities is growing rapidly having confidence in the new concept. In addition to EnBW New Ventures, Statkraft Ventures is another reliable partner for the further growth of our still young company.


Markers, planning and bike lanes

In collaboration with our partner municipalities, we are constantly developing the system further. In addition to road damages, the AI also detects objects in the road space, track control can be done with markers on our smartphone, and the web system is getting a sophisticated planning element. The new detection of bike lane damages is in high demand.


Growth and internationalization

2021 happens the big breakthrough. First, we jump the magic barrier of 100 partner communities, followed by our first office in Paris. Other international cities are quickly added, and vialytics is now available in six countries.


Our moonshot

We think big! Today, 300 partner municipalities use our system. By 2030, 400.000 kilometers of roads will be managed with vialytics. Appropriately, this corresponds to the distance from the earth to the moon.


Our Company Values


We are open-minded.

We are open to new people and ideas.


We are appreciative.

We take care of each other and share our successes.


We are up for it.

We are ambitious and move forward together.