Seamlessly track winter service
with vialytics ToDo 


The vialytics ToDo App automatically documents all of your winter road maintenance. Provide efficient services and stay legally compliant with an up-to-date record of snow removal and salting.


Snow clearing vehicle clears a snowy road

Safety in the cold

Your maintenance vehicles do a great job of keeping roads safe and clear in the winter. But do you have proof in case of legal damages?

New: Manage your winter services with the vialytics ToDo App:

With the new vialytics ToDo App, track your winter road maintenance duties easily with intelligent geo-location and time stamping. Oversee all salting and plowing activities in one easy system and rest assured that you are legally compliant in case of accidents.

vialytics ToDo App Graphic, 4 phones with screenshots of the ToDo App
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How the vialytics ToDo App supports your winter road maintenance

Ditch messy, time-consuming pen and paper documentation and seamlessly document your winter services digitally and automatically with vialytics. Keep yourself—and your roads—in the clear with legal proof of salting and plowing measures.

1. Legal security

Document your winter services automatically in a separate layer with GPS-track, detailed timestamps and creator nameno matter which phone or vehicle you are using.

Screenshot of the web system during a winter service inspection with GPS track

2. Salting and Plowing

Document with "Salting" and "Plowing" modes and switch between them with one click.

Driving through a snowy forest with the vialytics phone in the windshield

3. Full documentation

Document objects in the roadway, like vehicles preventing you from plowing and salting, via smart button or in the app.

web system screenshot of an image showing a snow clearer in a driveway being blocked by a white bus

4. All-in-one system

Search and filter winter maintenance services your team has documented and follow their routes in the web system.

closeup of the vialytics phone in the windshield during winter service

5. Approved by municipal insurances

Provide legal documentation to defend yourself in insurance cases and stay as clear as your roads.

a snowy and icy road

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