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At vialytics, we understand that every municipality is unique, with individual challenges and needs. That's why we offer flexible building blocks and pricing modules that fit seamlessly into your existing processes. Whether you're a small town or a large city, our scalable solutions help you to precisely record the condition of your infrastructure, plan maintenance work with foresight, and make the best use of your resources.

The vialytics modules

Choose the ideal module to optimize your road management. Contact us today to find out more about our customized offers and flexible pricing. 

vialytics Core™
vialytics M™ - Maintenance
vialytics IM™ - Inventory Management

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Always included!

vialytics Core™ is the heart of the vialytics system. Drive your road network as often as you like, then create tasks and manage road repairs in the web system based on the image data you collect with vialytics. Plus, you can document your route inspections and winter service measures in a legally compliant manner AND record and categorize assets in public spaces like benches, garbage cans, and playground equipment.

Your benefits with vialytics Core™:

  Real-time images of your roads and paths
Fast and convenient route monitoring in the vialytics web system. Save yourself  time-consuming trips for on-site inspections.

 Automatically record winter services
Proof that you have complied with your plowing and sanding requirements.

  Efficient + legal construction documentation
See the justification behind all repairs and their current status at once. Improve internal coordination of road repairs.

  Catalog and monitor public assets
See the overview of your town's benches, garbage cans etc. and their status 24/7, across departments.


The Recommended Choice.

With vialytics M™ Maintenance, our best-in-class AI algorithm automatically identifies road damage during your drives. Assess 5 miles of your road network in less than 15 minutes. We provide  an objective analysis of all of your roads on a condition scale from 1 to 5 (now with PCI + Paser integration). With the advanced planning tool and the intelligent road safety warnings also included, you can plan repairs to a T. A perfect addition to vialytics Core™ .

Benefits to vialytics M™ Maintenance :

 AI condition assessment of your road network
Proprietary AI technology automatically records all damage to your road surface. All data recorded with vialytics enables you to carry out preventive, proactive maintenance on your roads.

 Repair proposals generated in seconds
In the planning tool, you can plan necessary repairs, forward them to the relevant contacts and document their implementation in our system.

 Best tool for road maintenance and management
Plan refurbishments directly in the vialytics system and use our objective data in your decision-making process.


More AI-based support!

With vialytics IM™ Inventory Management, artificial intelligence automatically detects damaged traffic signs, manhole covers, and storm drains. Thanks to the best-in-class safety warnings, you can see every danger spot in your town and  take action before anyone gets hurt.

Your benefits with vialytics IM™  Inventory Management :

 AI identifies damaged traffic signs (faded, stickered, hidden, dirty)
Ensure safe roads with signage that is well-maintained. See at a glance which traffic signs need to be repaired or replaced.

 AI detects damaged storm drains and manhole covers
See the status of all drains and manholes and be notified if they pose a danger to road users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the modules differ?

With vialytics Core™, you have the option of driving on your road network as often as you like and recording georeferenced images, plus the ability to create and managing tasks. This allows you to document road damage or obstructions on and record their repair. All images are anonymized before processing, making license plates and faces permanently unrecognizable. In addition, you have the option of documenting your route inspections and winter service trips in a legally compliant manner, as well as recording and categorizing your asset inventory.

With vialytics M™ - Maintenance you combine the georeferenced images with our excellent artificial intelligence. This best-in-class tech recognizes and evaluates 15 different road damages and grades them on a scale from 1 (very good) to 5 (very bad), plus gives you PCI and PASER ratings. These evaluations provide you with an objective overview and assessment of all your roads in a color-coordinated grading system. With intelligent road safety alerts and advanced planning, you can plan, coordinate and monitor all maintenance in one system.

With vialytics IM™ Inventory Management, defective traffic signs, manhole covers and storm drains are automatically detected and added to your system. By expanding the traffic safety warnings to include sunken or raised manhole covers, you can ensure even greater road safety.

Can I change my selected modules later?

You can add new modules to your contract at any time. As your road management requirements change, our team is here to help design your suite of services in a way that best serves your needs.

Contact us and let our experts help create the perfect plan for you!

How do I compare modules?
We would be happy to demonstrate the different modules for you. Please contact us directly.
Are updates and support included in the price?
Yes, updates and support are included in your contractually agreed services. Our customer care is here 24/7 to answer your questions, provide assistance using the system, and help you make the most of vialytics for your town's needs.

Customized Pricing Model

Our pricing structure is as individualized as the municipalities we serve.
We base pricing on your town's unique road management needs and financial feasibility. This model allows us to tailor-make solutions for big cities and small towns alike.

Our pricing is based on 3 main factors.


Pricing is based on the number of miles in your road network.

Road Type

Essentially, a distinction is made between district, local roads, service roads, and bike paths.

Chosen Module

We're happy to help select the module that makes the most sense for your needs and budget.

Contact us to design your ideal solution today!