Innovation promotion

"The vialytics system is an innovation that has emerged from extensive research and development.
For this purpose, we also cooperate with public research institutions and continuously advance our technology.

We are grateful that the state and the federal government recognize our research achievements and support them. The subsidies are an important building block in creating incentives for a technology ecosystem from which innovations emerge.
This is the only way we can maintain our global competitiveness."

Danilo Jovicic-Albrecht, Founder (Politics & Fundraising)



AI-based recognition and evaluation of traffic signs and signals.

With KERAV, traffic signs and road signs are to be automatically detected using AI and evaluated for their object-specific damage. The image data will be collected during route inspections by a smartphone mounted on the inside of the windshield of municipal vehicles and specially developed vialytics smartphone app.

Funding as part of the second InvestBW "Digitization and AI" funding call of the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Tourism.

Timeframe: 06-15-2023 - 04-15-2024

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Innovation Vouchers

In the start-up and early phase, the state of Baden-Württemberg supported vialytics in 2018, 2019 and 2020 with the innovation vouchers "A" and "high-tech start-up", thus enabling the successful development of algorithms for the detection of road damage and the visualization in the web system. 

"In 2008, Baden-Württemberg was the first German state to introduce innovation vouchers for small and medium-sized enterprises. The program supports SMEs in the planning, development, implementation and further development of innovative products, services or production processes. In 2012, the program was expanded to include the Hightech Start-up innovation voucher. It is aimed at high-tech start-ups up to a maximum of five years after foundation and supports innovative projects from the growth fields of the future. In 2017, the innovation vouchers Hightech Digital and Hightech Mobility were introduced, which support established companies in the development and realization of sophisticated digital products and services." (Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism, BW)

Funding source Ministry of Economy, Labor and Tourism, Baden-Württemberg

Project timeframe: 2018, 2019, 2020