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Metuchen pioneers Road Management

Metuchen (New Jersey) is one of the first US municipalities to manage their road network with the vialytics System. Metuchens Borough Administrator Melissa Perilstein is responsible for keeping the boroughs road network in good shape. She shares her insights after the first few months of using the system and highlights the improvements in comparison to prior methods of road management.

picture of the city of Metuchen from the top


The borough of Metuchen is surrounded by the Edison Township in Middlesex County, in the Northeast of New Jersey. Counting around 15.000 inhabitants, Metuchen implemented the vialytics system in June 2023. The boroughs' most famous son is TV magician David Copperfield, who even has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Past Challenges

"There was no systematic process"

According to Melissa Perilstein, one of Metuchens main challenges in the past was ensuring a proper methodology for categorizing roadway conditions: “We were looking to take the somewhat subjective component out of the mix and to keep the data up to date. But most of it was based on a compilation of resident complaints, engineering, and DPW evaluations. There was no systematic process.”

Keeping up with budgets and regulations while implementing measures can be overwhelming. Many cities and towns struggle with outdated, manual recording of road conditions, often still done with pen and paper. Time-consuming and subjective evaluation of this data hinders the ability to take quick measures where needed.

"Our unique selling point is the combination of high-precision AI technology and enabling our partner municipalities to get an overview of their road conditions at any time."
portrait of vialytics CEO Patrick Glaser
Patrick Glaser

vialytics CEO and Co-Founder

Added Benefits

Real-time data for better planning

More Efficiency

vialytics saves time and personnel through smart management with AI

Automated Analysis

Objective data is processed and prepared automatically

Easy Prioritization

Never lose track of dangerous spots and fix them right away

The smart solution

All proccesses in one system

With the vialytics system, data collection, maintenance, and planning go hand-in-hand in one single system. Melissa Perilsteins explains: “Using the vialytics technology has revolutionized our processes! We have real-time data on our roadways in one place where we can identify future tasks for the upcoming budget cycles.” The condition data is recorded via a smartphone mounted on the windshield of any municipal vehicle. While driving along the roads, the system takes a geo-referenced image every 13 feet. The integrated Artificial Intelligence automatically detects damages on the road surface in 15 different categories.
Afterwards, all data is displayed in the web system and accessible via a secure web browser. Every picture taken and every task created can be viewed seamlessly without having to be on-site. In the map mode, road damage and marked spots are shown in detail and transferred to a planning section to organize long-term maintenance measures or quick repairs.
Melissa Perilstein concludes: “vialytics has been a real game changer.”

Screenshot of the vialytcs web system showing the map of Metuchen and the condition of the streets

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