North Tonawanda transforms Road Management with vialytics' AI-Powered System

Nestled in the heart of New York State, the city of North Tonawanda has been a pioneer in embracing technology to improve its road management and infrastructure maintenance. By adopting vialytics' innovative AI-powered Road Management System, the city has experienced significant improvements in efficiency, sustainability, and overall quality of life for its residents.

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A Traditional City with Modern Challenges

North Tonawanda, a historic city with a rich industrial past, has faced the challenge of maintaining its aging infrastructure while striving to provide modern services to its residents. Before implementing vialytics, the city’s road management relied on manual methods, with employees physically driving the roads, manually measuring, and taking notes on paper for planning. This time-consuming and inefficient process made it difficult to track and respond to incoming complaints effectively.

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A New Era of Road Management with vialytics

Since adopting vialytics, North Tonawanda has seen a dramatic shift in its road management capabilities. The system has enabled the city to locate, photograph and document all storm receivers and manholes, providing a clear view of when repairs are needed. This has led to significant time savings and improved accuracy in planning and executing maintenance tasks

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 North Tonawanda's departments have embraced the vialytics system, with the sewer department, streets department, engineering department, and dispatcher all utilizing the system for tasks ranging from asset management to planning paving projects and tracking work progress. The system's ease of use has allowed the city to send employees out with minimal direction, leading to a more efficient workflow. A city representative remarks, "It is remarkably easy to use, we send guys out with little direction, and get accurate data back ASAP. It's been incredibly helpful.”

Measurable Improvements and Future Opportunities

North Tonawanda has experienced tangible benefits from using vialytics. The city has reported significant time savings in planning paving projects, reducing the time required for measuring and planning from multiple days to just a few minutes. “It used to take us a few days to drive a couple of roads for pavement planning. Yesterday, with vialytics, it took us 5 minutes!” adds a city rep. This has led to increased efficiency and cost savings for the municipality. The ability to see an up-to-date image view of the streets has also lead to time savings from taking trips into the field and cross-departmental synergies in the city. Knowing when repairs are completed and responding to citizen requests has also improved significantly.

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A Global Leader in Task Management

North Tonawanda has emerged as a global leader in vialytics' task management capabilities, ranking as the #2 user worldwide. The system's task management feature has become an integral part of the city’s daily operations, with a dedicated screen in the main office displaying real-time updates for supervisors to plan their daily work. They’ve even been marking decorative cans from their annual Dyngus Day celebration as assets in the web system as part of their planning efforts. In the future, they plan to use the vialytics task feature for garbage violations as well, such as when people are putting trash out on the wrong day. This spirit of innovation is what makes North Tonawanda a true vialytics pioneer.

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In conclusion, vialytics has transformed North Tonawanda's road management and infrastructure maintenance, leading to significant improvements in efficiency, sustainability, and overall quality of life for its residents. The city’s adoption of vialytics' innovative AI-powered Road Management System serves as a shining example of how technology can revolutionize the way municipalities manage their infrastructure.


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