Winter Service with Legal Security


The vialytics system lets you automatically document your winter service. Easily prove that you have complied with your snow clearing and gritting duties at all times.

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vialytics Winter service snow clearer

Safely through the cold

Of course, your construction yard does a great job during winter service. But can you prove it in case of damages?

vialytics supports your Winter Service

Proof of clearance and gritting

In the case of claims easily prove that winter maintenance was done.

Create a digital logbook

All rides are stored with time stamp and GPS track.

Simplify municipal processes

Document damages to your infrastructure per app.

Get started in 3 steps

1. Install

Mount the smartphone into the holder on your windscreen. Enter your name and start snow clearing and gritting.

A person from road construction puts a cell phone in a holder on a windshield, in the background a snowy forest can be seen

2. Set off

The vialytics system records accurate and legally compliant GPS track with time stamp, which help you prove sufficient winter maintenance in case of claims. You decide when the recording starts, pauses and ends.

A cell phone in a holder with the vialytics system open hanging on a windshield

3. Set markers

Conveniently mark damages with our Bluetooth button on the steering wheel during trips. Add pictures and voice notes with one click.

A smartphone with the vialytics system opened in a holder on the windshield and the marker tool on the steering wheel

Further use cases

Discover countless ways how the vialytics system helps you and your municipality.

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