Safer Bike Lanes for your Municipality

The vialytics system is also available for bicycles. With the click of a button you can start a condition assessment and create tasks. With data collected on a bike, you can plan maintenance directly in the vialytics web system.

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a childs bike next to a pot hole and a warning road sign

Avoid accidents

More than half of all bicycle accidents occur without an external influence, and reason is often poor road surface conditions.*

With vialytics, you can take action before your bike lanes look like this.

*Source: Federal Highway Research Institute

Our promise to you

Objective Data

Bike lane condition data is objectively analyzed by our Artificial Intelligence to help you prioritize maintenance and reconstruction.

Rehabilitate quickly

You can work with the recorded data within a few days and plan measures in real time.

Better support

Resolve citizen complaints without field visits and create tasks for your team directly in the vialytics web system.

Just 3 steps to safer bike lanes

1. Attach smartphone to handlebars

Mount the vialytics smartphone onto the handlebars of your bike using the supplied phone mount. Start the pre-installed vialytics app and follow the simple, onscreen instructions.

Ride along the bike lanes of your municipality and let the vialytics system do your work for you.

2 men next to a bike looking at the vialytics phone on the handle

2. Capture condition automatically

During the assessment, the vialytics system takes a photo every 12 feet.You decide when the recording starts, pauses and ends.

Our artificial intelligence automatically detects road surface damage. All routes are documented via GPSand include timestamps. Our algorithm censors license plates, faces, and secure areas before detecting damage so the system can be used in a manner that respects citizen privacy.

With the vialytics Smart Button, you can mark assets and create tasks while riding.

man riding a bike

3. Evaluate results

After inspecting your bike network, the vialytics system automatically analyzes your data and presents it in a detailed heatmap within our web system. With help of our algorithm’s objective scoring you can decide on the optimal measures for preservation and maintenance of your bike lanes and plan future tasks for all involved parties.

screenshot of the vialytics web system showing the condition layers next to a map on a mac

Even more use cases

Discover countless ways you can make the vialytics system work for you and your municipality.

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