Image documentation with vialytics

Building yards and public works departments are not only concerned with the condition of the road, but also with everything around it. The images recorded on test drives can save a lot of time in a wide range of tasks and simplify the management of your infrastructure.

screenshot of the vialytics web system showing the picture of a road in the USA

Images for all cases

Condition surveys with the vialytics system automatically provide a large number of images.

In addition to evaluating road conditions, the images collected offer many other advantages for your municipality.

With vialytics you can capture...

Capture images automatically

No matter the situation - with the vialytics system you are always provided with current images.

Use the automatically captured images of the route controls or create your own tasks  and record geo-referenced images of specific damages.

vialytics phone being used while being attached to the windshield of a car
A smartphone in a holder on a bike steering wheel. the road management system is opened an ready to track bicycle paths
building yard worker takes a picture of a manhole

By car


By bike


By foot


Current images support your daily worklife

Citizen concerns

Up-to-date photos let you address citizen concerns right from your desk.


All images are collected in a single web system and can be viewed at any time.


Construction sites and excavations can be documented before and after.

Before and After comparison

The vialytics images can be used to preserve evidence in the event of insurance claims. In addition, local authorities are obliged to regularly fulfill their duty to ensure traffic safety.

The images stored in the web system fulfill this obligation.

befpre and after picture of a fixed manhole on the side of a road

Intercommunal cooperation

Through the web system, you can inform all relevant parties, such as city planning or the building yard, about the current road condition.

You decide with whom you share your pictures!

vialytics phone in the hands of building yard worker

Never lose track of on-site situations

When the system is actively used, the municipality continuously receives current images from the streetscape. You can view on-site situations at any time with the help of these images.

This saves a lot of field work in everyday life, for example citizens’ concerns can now be answered from the computer.

screenshot of the vialytics web system showing a road in atlantic city and the map next to it

Surroundings of the road 

In addition to recording road damage, the images can also provide other helpful information from the roadside.

For example, traffic signs, manhole covers, and water drains can be recorded and all information is stored in the system for further use.

screenshot of the vialytics web system showing manholes and storm drains in atlantic city

Data protection is important to us

All image data is automatically pixelated by the vialytics algorithm in compliance with GDPR.

All personal data, such as faces or license plates, are rendered unrecognizable.

a man crosses a road with a car in the background. The face of the man and the license plate are blurred

Further use cases

Discover countless ways how the vialytics system helps you and your municipality.