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Getting it Done in Edison, NJ

Edison, named after the visionary inventor Thomas Edison, embodies a legacy of ingenuity and progress. Mayor Sam Joshi, a torchbearer of this spirit, leads Edison into a new era of smart infrastructure management by harnessing the power of vialytics’ artificial intelligence. In his State of the Town address, Mayor Joshi proudly declares, “We've been among the first municipalities in the state to utilize AI…[vialytics’] transformative technology enables us to be able to identify, record, and rank every pothole, crack, and street defect with precision and efficiency.”



With a population of approximately 100,693 people this vibrant township is celebrated for its diversity and livability, featuring a multicultural community that enriches its cultural and culinary offerings. Edison also made history in the 1980s with the first robot-operated store, Keedoozle, showcasing its early embrace of retail automation. This mix of a significant population, diverse community, and historical penchant for innovation makes Edison a unique and interesting locale in New Jersey.

A representative from the Edison public works department explains that before vialytics, the subjective nature of human assessment left a need for a more consistent approach to road condition assessments. The Edison team has mounted vialytics smartphones in 15 of their trash trucks, which collect image data on their daily routes. With vialytics providing objective information about the condition of their streets, his team saves valuable time and bandwidth. "vialytics definitely brought to light issues we hadn't looked at before," he acknowledges. The objective data provided has prompted a renewed focus on critical road areas that demand attention, leading to optimized resource utilization and streamlined operations within the department.

"We save 20 hours a week using vialytics."
Edison Public Works Dept.

The impact of vialytics on daily operations has been profound. Tasks like condition assessments that once consumed weeks can now be completed in days, driving significant time savings and operational efficiencies. “It’s helped tremendously.” The reduced need for trips into the field during peak traffic times has been a huge boon as well. “vialytics makes one person as effective as five,” states a representative from the Public Works department.

Key Benefits

AI for Revolutionized Infrastructure Management

Precision in Infrastructure Monitoring

AI enhances the accuracy and efficiency of identifying road defects.

Improved Resource Management

Objective data from vialytics optimizes the prioritization of maintenance tasks, streamlining team operations.

Labor and Time Savings

Our technology reduces manual effort, saving > 20 hours of labor per week.

Close collaboration

vialytics as a Partner in Progress for Edison

The close collaboration between vialytics and our partner municipalities is paramount to our mutual success. The own rep says, "You guys have been fantastic in supporting us... it's a very symbiotic relationship." The success achieved through this collaboration underscores the power of innovative solutions in optimizing infrastructure maintenance processes while preserving human expertise.

As Edison continues its journey of embracing innovation and technological advancements in AI and beyond, vialytics stands as a partner in progress for enhancing operational excellence in busy public works departments in the US and beyond.

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