Barleben, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Efficient management through artificial intelligence

picture of a road in the city of barleben


Barleben is a unified municipality with  3 districts and about 9,300 inhabitants (as of 2022). The city is located in the Börde district in Saxony-Anhalt. Their historic town center, which is particularly worth seeing, is listed in the local monument register and was renovated in 2000 with the help of a development program.

Interview with Mayor Frank Nase

In an interview with the German "WirKommunalen" magazine, published by the organization "Network of young Mayors", local mayor Frank Nase talks about the importance of intelligent local government and explains how vialytics is helping Barleben understand their traffic routes on a new level with the help of advanced AI.

Mr. Nase, how exactly do you use the vialytics system in Barleben?

Frank Nase: "With the vialytics system, we simplify work processes that were previously very time-consuming and labor-intensive. With a smartphone on the windshield of our vehicles, we record the road surface of our municipal roads while driving on duty. Every thirteen feet, a picture is taken, including a GPS track and a time stamp. Now the AI comes into play. The image data from track recording is analyzed by an algorithm to detect damage to the road surface and automatically sort it into 15 damage classes. Prioritization is, therefore quick and uncomplicated, and road management can be planned much more effectively.

picture of a road in the city of barleben
screenshot of the vialytics web system showing a road in barleben

How do you assess the advantages of the vialytics system compared to traditional road management?

Frank Nase: "We have only been using the vialytics system for a short time and have already recorded 75 percent of our municipal roads. We will soon be at 100 percent and will then have recorded every single meter and every pothole. This state of affairs is unprecedented in my tenure. Previously, the employees of the building department went out to assess the damage on site. With vialytics, this has become so much easier. They now save a lot of time that they can use for other tasks. So, we have become much more efficient."

What specific road management situations have improved the most as a result of vialytics?

Frank Nase: "Recording the condition of the roads is done completely digitally. The image data is collected by our employees from the Public Order Office and the Economic Courtyard who are already on the road anyway. We save the extra trips. The biggest improvement, however, is the analysis of all road conditions and the classification into the different damage classes."

screenshot of the vialytics web system showing the map view of Barleben

3 advantages of digital road management with vialytics in Barleben

More efficiency

vialytics saves time and work capacity through smart management with AI

Automatic analysis

Objective data is processed and presented in an automated manner

Easy prioritization

Dom't lose track of any acute points of damage

Further use cases

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