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Road Management System

With vialytics, automatically assess the condition of your
road infrastructure via smartphone, plan repairs based on real-time data, and manage all maintenance tasks in one convenient system.

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The new standard in public works: more than 400 municipalities trust vialytics.
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250.000 citizens

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Edison, NJ

108.000 citizens

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1.340.000 citizens

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Metuchen, NJ

15.000 citizens

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Ewing, NJ

37.000 citizens

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128.000 citizens

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94.000 citizens

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97.000 citizens

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La Rochelle

77.000 citizens

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77.000 citizens

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Grand Paris Seine Ouest

320.000 citizens

Pile of folders with paper next to smartphone and laptop with the vialytics web system

Ditch the Paperwork

Our cutting-edge software automates road management tasks, empowering your team to do more with less. Less manpower, less money, less time. 


Take Control of your Data

In busy pubic works departments, collecting and maintaining data is a time-suck. With vialytics, you can perform automatic road assessments and road control inspections yourself via smartphoneanytime, anywhere. 

Automatic Road Assessment
Road Control Inspection
building yard worker uses the vialytics app in the windshield of his car
building yard worker creates a task for a manhole in the vialytics app

Use AI to Analyze Roads and Bike Lanes

Our algorithm quickly analyzes your roads to provide dynamic road condition assessments for 15 different types of damage.


Your All-in-One System

Discover an efficient solution for intelligent road management with vialytics. Our advanced software enables you to automatically record the condition of your road infrastructure, plan repairs based on up-to-date data and centrally manage all maintenance tasks. Thanks to vialytics, your municipality saves time, manpower, and money with one simple tool.

screenshot of the vialytics web system on a mac showing the map of a US city with an open task

Why our partner municipalities love us:

"vialytics definitely brought to light issues we hadn't looked at before."
Edison Public Works Dept.
"Thanks to vialytics, we avoid expensive renovations later on. We all benefit from the improved road quality in our cities."
Birgit Huber

Mayor Oberasbach

“vialytics makes one person as effective as five.”
Edison Public Works Dept.
"(vialytics) is remarkably easy to use. We send guys out with little direction, and get accurate data back ASAP. It's been incredibly helpful."
North Tonawanda city representative
"Using the vialytics technology has revolutionized our processes! We have real-time data on our roadways in one place where we can identify future tasks for the upcoming budget cycles.”
Melissa Perilsteins

Metuchens Borough Administrator

"We save 20 hours a week using vialytics."
Edison Public Works Dept.

With vialytics, you....

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Save Money

We make the most of your budget so you can have a larger impact on your community, for less.

building yard worker creates a task for a manhole in the vialytics app

Save Time

We save you time by automizing tedious tasks and reducing the amount of trips needed in the field.

two men talking with a building yard worker in front of an orange car

Get Objective Data

We help you stand your ground in town meetings, armed with objective data that makes decisions easier.

person sitting in front of a desktop and working in the vialytics web system

See the Big Picture

We help you stay on top of your team's daily operations and manage their workloads.

phone with the vialytics app in a windshield, with a person touching it with his finger

Cover Your Butt

We take care of the legal documentation, so you can rest easy knowing you're covered.

2 men with a bike handle with the vialytics phone attached

Collaborate Effectively

We strengthen collaboration between departments by increasing clarity and streamlining processes.

We are here for you!

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We're making big waves in the industry.

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Innovation-Award Salon des Maires

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